Take Time 2 Talk 2 GOD

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2009 by Licu

Dear friends,

It's always such a nice moment when we can have a quiet moment to pray and talk to God. Lately I wasn't being such a nice girl to let my self have that kind of moment. Until this afternoon, I heard a news and suddenly it felt like my bones were losing their ability to support my body.
Actually, it was not a new news. I have heard about it about a week ago, or more. And that first day I got the news, I cried. It was about something that I really want badly, but because of the news, I cant have it sooner than I expected. Well, I have to say I was wrong at this too. My mistake was that I didn't speak out what I want so that people know. So the possibility to make it real is small. And the other person who got it first, kept on spoken out since the first time she wanted it. I was already lost long ago actually. And maybe that losing feeling had made me unenthusiastic anymore.

I realize that I have to accept this reality. Well, this kind of thing didn't happen to me once before. I was able to deal with them smoothly. But why this one is so hard... I am still trying to figure that out. Maybe my desperation for this need is just bigger than before. You know, when you just want something really beautiful, something that will make you happier than ever, you just cant get it out of you mind. That's exactly how I feel.

You know, it might just be similar with the way we used to pray. We have to speak out what we want. Even though God already knows what we want, but it's always nice for God when we speak out and talk to Him. I realize that I didn't do it on this one. I don't know.... it's just when I try to speak it out, it felt kind of wrong somehow. Well, maybe it is wrong. And if my demand really is wrong, and I am not suppose to receive it at the moment, then I am fully grateful. God is leading me to the right path. Not that I feel right about not speaking out this demand, but I should still see this matter in the positive way.

Now, I learn, that no matter what, just speak out your mind to God. Let Him decide whether its wrong or right. And when you can't have what you really want, then don't be disappointed. It's good that God doesn't give you what you are not supposed to get. What if you get what you're not supposed to get and everything just turn out up side down (worse!)? No I don't want that, neither do you, right?

So, my friends, I will just let the tears go by, and see what's ahead of me. I am pretty sure God is righteous to give what is suitable for me. Even at the right time and the perfect time. I will just take this case as an encouragement to make me more diligent and success =")

God bless us all!

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