Love Gives Strength

Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2009 by Licu

Q : What is the most important thing in your life?
A : God ofcourse...

Q : If you already have God, what will you do with you life?
A : I will do everything He says to me, everything good that pleases Him.

Hhmmm.. those are the typical answers that most Christians would give if they are asked those 2 questions. But the problem is, do we really do everything God says to us? Do we really do what pleases Him? Looking at the fact that our lives are not as simple and smooth as we thought it would be when we first accept Jesus as our savior. In fact, life doesn't seem to be different. I think it's just how the way we think about life itself. And the benefit of having Jesus in our life should make our life easier.

Talking about easier life... I should've thought like that long long ago. But yet, I didn't open my eyes of the truth that had set me free. Free from all burdens, free from all stresses, free from sadness, and free from sin. But you know.... I am still having all of them. My mistake is... I didn't give them all to God... instead, I keep them on my back, carry them everywhere everytime... and then I started complaining about life, even more about God. Whereas, God didn't do anything wrong. He was there all along... waiting for me to ask Him for help. Waiting to take my burdens away.

Today I saw a very inspirational story on television. I am not sure if it's any relation to Christian life, but it really has touched my Christian side.
It was about a young man living in America. He doesn't have any parents anymore. His only relative is his sister. But at the age of 20 he had to take the burden of his dieing sister's sons. And when his sister passed away, instead of going back to his normal happy youth college life, he struggled hard to get the right to keep his nephews. Going to trials didn't make him stop strugling. And the fact that he really loves his nephews has touched so many people. It's about the way he take cares of his nephews with no complaints at all. It's about his decision to make his nephews the main priority in his life, when other 20 year old men would rather choose to have fun with their life. And it's about his sincere love to his family. He only lives in a very small apartement, and by working as a grave taker doesn't give him much money to take care of his nephews, while children below 6 years old really need a lot of attentions and needs. As if the burden wasn't enough, the fact that the oldest nephew has a mental problem doesn't stop him for trying his best. And what's really nice is that he has 3 faithful friends who are willing to help him taking care of the nephews while he's working late.
I hardly believe that someone would choose to leave his youth for the sake of 3 little boys who are not at all his children. He dropped out of college so he can work and get his nephews' needs covered. And he even said that he doesn't think of having any girlfriend because his nephews are his first priority. It was really touching, how someone can have such a sincere heart for his family...

I learn a lot.... I learn A lot...

Thank you Jesus for giving me a good lesson :)

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