Good Relationship With Others

Posted on Monday, March 16, 2009 by Licu

Overall, I am happy today :)
And I am really grateful I can have so many smiles in the midst of my stressful time.

I had a wish yesterday, when I was at the church. I had this pretty impulsive need of wanting to have a good relationship with others. Want to tell you, especially with my boyfriend's family. With my own family, that's a must. But I feel that on the next stage, his family will be my family too. And I have been trying to make a good relationship and wishing it will always be. I am glad it is for now :)

But you know, we are all special and unique. We have our own different minds, likes and dislikes, and different point of view. Sometimes those things might cause unexpected disunion and clashes. I, myself, never want to have any clash with anyone. As for what I have experienced, it was not a good feeling to have one. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night for the guilt. Not to mention, that it might hurt someone's feelings. I am quite sensitive about this. But sometimes, and most of the times, we are so easily have clashes with our own family. I assume it's because we live close to each other, see each other everyday, know our worst traits, and that could easily create disagreements. But I realize, the more we know someone better, the more we should understand him/her. And one thing really important, we can never ask someone to change. We would be very easily disappointed, if we always expect someone to be as we want them to be.

So, like I said, every people are unique. There are not even two person really similar 100%. So, disagreement and incompatibility will always be around us. The matter now is that we should live as God wants us to be.... understanding, patient and full of love.
God has always been so understanding to us. There are billions of people in the world with different traits, mind, and desirability, and God amazingly understands all. Can you imagine that at this point now, this second, there could be billions of wishes and complaints, and God is so patient and full of love. He had taught us how to be a good Christian. There would be no fights or quarrels if we live with understanding to each other.

I have been tussling with the fact that I have to be patient when I found my friend have different opinion than mine. And the fact that her decision has cost me losing my dream was quite shaken me. I was about to crumble.... losing many tears. But that's not how it was supposed to be dealt. I thank God that when I prayed and cried to Him, He listened and more over, He gave me the strength to still stand up, and more amazingly, He gave me an ability to see it in a different view, positive view. So, that's why I said I am really happy I can have smiles today :)

God is great, my friends!!
And He blesses us all! :)

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