A Heart of Gold

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009 by Licu

On Sundays, I watch my favorite Indonesian talk show on tv, just like I did yesterday. It is Kick Andy show. The show usually talks around social issues that happen in my country, Indonesia. And what it was talking about yesterday not only has touched my heart but also has opened my eyes to what I am.

It should not be surprising to know that there are still people with pure heart and good intentions towards those people in need. Been introduced and knowing about love that Jesus had spread through His men for all centuries, supposedly has made the world filled with loving people. But as I realize, there are not much love around.

Living in Indonesia is one blessing for me. There are a lot of things here that can make one realize that one should be grateful for every single thing that has received. Christians life are not far away from complains and grudges. Now that's the problem.

Why should we complain about our dress or shoes, while there are people in the streets wearing nothing but a thin cloth and a broken shoe or even no shoes to wear.
Why should we complain about the food we eat today, while there are people who don't have any money to buy food, when they can only eat leftovers food from the trash.
Why should we complain about our small house of a leaking roof, while there are people who sleeps on the streets with no roof, no protection from wind, rain, and sun.
Why should we complain about our job, while there are still many people who don't have a job or couldn't have a job because of self-lackness.
Why should we complain about our friend who doesn't want to apologize while we don't even remember that we have many mistakes to ask God for forgiveness.
And there are still many other complains we have made, without knowing and understanding that there are many people who live in suffering, more suffered than what we could experience.
I've seen children in the streets, very small, about age of 3-12, who rolling around begging for a coin, no shoes to wear, under the rain, because their parents can't afford to buy them food, not even school. We could do something for them. If we can't give them money, at least food can fulfill their hunger.
I've also seen those madpeople walking in the streets with no clothes to wear, no shoes on their feet and very dirty. Our government has laws written about those madpeople that they will be put in the appropriate place to be taken care of. But it's a matter of heart and conscience. Many people would run away when they see madman in the streets. Well, some feel scared and some feel disgusted. For me, yes I feel scared sometimes. That's why when I watched the testimony of a man who opened up a facility to take care of them, I was amazed and touched.

It was said, Simon Nunai, a very humble man. This man, from Nusa Tenggara Timur, surely has a pure heart. With persevering, he continuously looking for some madpeople in the streets. Those abandoned special people are put in a house called "Pondok Kasih" or "Cottage of Love" in Tigaraksa, Tangerang, Indonesia. Those people are bathe and cleaned, because living in the streets for years, never bathe has caused them have skin diseases. Helped by a voluntary doctor, Dr. Vonny, those diseases are taken care of until they are cured. Through fasting and praying, Simon tries to heal those people. Amazingly through time and dedication, some of them are healed and now they can talk and do activities like normal people. They can even witness God's love. If only nobody cares about their life, those madpeople will keep staying in the streets waiting for their time to die, without knowing about God's love and power to heal.
"I do this because there's a calling from God," said Simon when he was asked why did he want to do it.

What an amazing story. Could we have a heart like that. God said just a simple heart who wants to do simple things for the least of these brothers. I was knocked.

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